Presented here in alphabetical order is a personal choice of websites among the many devoted to our heroes...

1. Cliff Richard & The Shadows World-Wide Discography
With what is beyond dispute the most lavishly and lovingly stocked of all Cliff/ Shads websites, the late John Panteny devoted his considerable energies to building up a stupendous pictorial record of vinyl (all formats) and CD product over the years. John secured the cooperation of many enthusiasts worldwide, building up an invaluable resource. His site is now hosted by Robert Porter. Check out:

2. John Campbell's New Zealand Based Shadows Tribute Website
John Campbell’s Penumbra website demonstrates the value of focusing on a "local" market, in this case John’s home country of New Zealand. Among the many entries of interest is the "NZ Discography", which conjures up colour images not only of front covers but also of record labels, including a number of variants. In an ideal world there would be a whole network of exemplary dedicated sites such as this. Well done Johnno! Check out:

3. Les Amis de Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Fan Club France
If your French is up to it, then Les amis de Cliff Richard & The Shadows is worth visiting. The Shadows’ links with France were always strong, and support for them is still potent. Bernard Broche continues to keep the flag flying both with this site, with the fanzine Established 1958 and with his sterling work for Magic Records. Check out:

4. Leo's Den Music Direct, specialists in Cliff Richard and the Shadows
Leo’s Den is described by John Panteny as "a great place to buy Cliff & The Shadows records". Quite right, but there is certainly more to be said. I know from personal experience just how knowledgeable and efficient Pat & John Read are, and also how ungrudging they are with their wise advice. Indeed, their website is not merely a platform for advertising merchandise (though it does that extremely effectively), but a veritable treasure trove of info on the current Cliff/ Shads scenes, with a fascinating curriculum vitae of the proprietors thrown on for good measure! No excuse for failing to bookmark this one. Check out:

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