The first thing I must do is thank my son Richard, who suggested this Website in the first place, then put in a great deal of time and effort in designing it, in programming the code, in gathering in contributions from me and in coming up with plenty of welcome ideas and advice.

Richard Campbell, Malcolm Campbell & Jim Nugent

In putting together reference material about The Shadows I have been fortunate in receiving substantial help from a number of fellow-enthusiasts. Such is the nature of the subject, however, that there is still much to uncover. If you have any interesting or out-of-the-way information, or thoughts or queries of any kind, including any comments or suggestions about this Website, please e-mail me at – I will reply to each communication and, although I cannot guarantee that every scrap of information that comes my way will necessarily be incorporated in a future book or online, I will be pleased to acknowledge any help received.

Ulrich Sasu, Erich Boß, Malcolm Campbell & Alan Taylor

There is no better way of sharing knowledge and engaging in debate, often deep into the night, than attending one or other of the regular get-togethers of Shadows enthusiasts. One of the attractions of writing about the most accomplished instrumental group of the 1960s and beyond is that there are always fresh insights to consider, and one is constantly encouraged to rethink one's ideas at these events. It's always a pleasure to meet people at venues such as Shadowmania, and Richard and I have enjoyed especially Shadowmusic events at TILBURG and the BONNINGTON HOTEL.

Ronnie Gustafsson, Malcolm Campbell & Alan McKillop

Moving on from the performers, what of the infrastructure? Not all that many moons ago, it wasn’t too easy for your average fan to keep up with Shadows’ output worldwide (not to mention all the peripheral merchandise); there were one or two outlets (if you happened to know about them), but nothing even remotely comparable to the service built up by Pat and John Read at LEO'S DEN. Their stocks are lavish (to put it mildly), taking in other related guitar music into the bargain, while their efficiency is second to none in my experience. Just as impressive is their total readiness to help with any queries or problems. The world of The Shadows would surely be a poorer place without the unmatched service they provide.

George Geddes, Malcolm Campbell & Roberto Pistolesi

There are of course many other resources available to the Shadows enthusiast. In these days of Internetmania, it is still good to see the continuing appearance of fanzines such Shadsfax in the UK and Established 1958 in France.

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