The Shadows recorded the powerful instrumental STINGRAY on 10 January 1965 as a lead single for release in May of the same year (it climbed to #19 in the UK charts).

The identity of STINGRAY’s composer has long been a matter of difficulty (see CD Guide 2005 p. 507), now resolved once and for all. Harry De Louw contacted Claus Ogerman by letter (29th September 2004), and learned from the man himself in a reply postmarked 1st October that Günther Heigel was simply an alternative name used by Ogerman. The Shadows’ Single came out initially with STINGRAY credited to G. Heigel, then it was withdrawn and replaced with the composer’s real name. Harry also provides an interesting potted history of the tune, which was used at different times, though in slightly different forms, for different purposes.

As ‘The Shark’ by The Sheldons in 1962:

As ‘Hero’ by trombone virtuoso Kai Winding in 1963 (on the Album More, also marketed as Soul Surfin’):

More (arr. Ogerman)
Hero (arr. & composed by Ogerman)
Gravy Waltz (arr. Winding)
China Nights (arr. Ogerman)
Surf Bird (arr. & composed by Ogerman)
Pipeline (arr. Ogerman)
Sukiyaki (arr. Ogerman)
Soul Surfin' (arr. and composed by Winding)
Tube Wail (arr. Ogerman; composed by Winding)
Spinner (arr. & composed by Ogerman)
Hearse Ride (arr. & composed by Winding)
Comin' Home Baby (arr. Winding)

As ‘Stingray’ on Ogerman’s 1965 album Watusi Trumpets:

So The Shadows’ STINGRAY can, if you like, be credited to Günther Heigel aka Claus Ogerman.

Many thanks to Harry for sorting out a problem of long standing.

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