One of the most vexing problems confronting anyone interested in recordings by The Shadows and Hank Marvin is the tracking down of songs derived from other people (the majority in fact). Composer credits on record releases are often woefully inadequate: commonly surnames only are offered (and not always accurately either).

A case in point was one I was unable to track down for the first edition of the CD Guide, DONíT ANSWER released by Hank in 1983 and credited to "J Campbell/ M Haley". Rob Bradford suggested to me some while ago that the former could be Junior Campbell, and he was quite right. I traced Haley by the simple if time-consuming expedient of feeding into a Web Search Engine Michael, Mike, Malcolm and so on ..., until I hit upon an entry for "Mark Haley" with the information that DONíT ANSWER was composed by Junior and himself for a non-charting Haley A-Single issued on RCA in 1981. So now we know. I have no idea whether Hank heard the record, or simply got a hold of a demo. Thankfully this was discovered in time for the CD Guide 2005.

A related difficulty involves tracking down the first example of a derivative number. One such is WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU DREAM, penned by Charlie Black and Molly-Ann Leikin (not Ann Molly Leikin as given). In fact Ms Leikin in particular wrote a number of songs for Anne Murray, and this particular number was chosen as the title track for an Album of hers issued in 1981 (which shows us exactly where Ms Murray ends up when she dozes off).

There are some others though which still present problems, so if anybody out there has discovered anything of note on any of the more obscure items in the repertoire, I would be more than pleased to hear about them.

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