Amongst His Spectacular Pics Alan McKillop Has This To Say On Glasgow...

Having visited Edinburgh in distinguished company two days earlier, I didn't quite know what to expect even though I'd managed to get a run down on how the Dundee concert was received. Firstly, and most importantly, it was awesome to see Hank, Bruce and Brian back on the road together for one last time (well, four occasions for me), and nothing will take away the magic despite some gremlins making their customary appearance.

In terms of sound and overall performance, Glasgow was perfect. It should be noted that the Royal Concert Hall is a fairly modern facility, and I'm sure that acoustic design would have been paramount in the building's construction. The Playhouse in Edinburgh, on the other hand, is your typical 'old tyme' theatre which will have had many unamplified performances in its heyday where acoustics were adequate for voice projection, and I would suspect that many similar type buildings may well be problematic for some of The Shadows' future performances.

The set list (as per Malcolm's Scarborough report) was indeed a tribute to the selection of wonderful music that they have given us for some 47 years and I loved every minute of the two and a half hour show. My wife, who has never seen The Shadows live but who probably knows every note in a number of their tunes, paid the ultimate compliment by saying it was the best live show she had ever been at, praise indeed. I'm looking forward to Hammersmith and the Palladium, where no doubt I'll have a tear in my eye as I say my last goodbye to the group who not only influenced me, but became a large part of my life.

All Photographs © Alan McKillop, Glasgow 5 May 2004

AMcK, 2004

Also Here's George Geddes In A Communication From The Remote North...

I thought their Edinburgh show was OK, and it was great to see them back on stage together. The Glasgow concert, on the other hand, was absolutely magnificent. Much improved sound, fewer fluffs and a real sense of enthusiasm from the stage. As one of our local football managers is wont to say "astonishingly brilliant"...

GG, 2004

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