Over the years 1960 to 1963 clear differences of emphasis are discernible in the numbers selected for Radio Luxembourg on the one hand and BBC Radio on the other. Most obviously, the latter was a platform first and foremost for Singles, primarily of course lead Singles, but with an admixture of B-sides as well. Room was found naturally on RL too for Singles, though among the important releases of the period as it happens there is no trace of THE FRIGHTENED CITY, THE STRANGER or WONDERFUL LAND, all performed on BBC Radio over the three year span, the first two five times apiece, the last three times. However, there was a wider overall spread, in two main areas: first, the group worked in what one might regard as older-, 50s-styled instros, which they had probably been fiddling around with for some years previously (BARNEY'S BLUES, CERVEZA, THREE-30-BLUES, only the second of these aired on BBC over the period in question; see also the entry GUITAR BOOGIE); second, in contrast, they were evidently prepared to try out on RL but not on the BBC numbers which involved tricky solo work (guitar: THE SAVAGE, GONZALES; drums: LITTLE 'B'). On the other hand, RL seems not to have had them ever exercising their vocal chords on their own behalf, a natural consequence of having the greater part of each show devoted to their singer. Their 1960 BBC output saw them clinging pretty tenaciously to their vocalist roots, with renditions of pretty lacklustre material in comparison with the instrumentals on offer: THAT'S MY DESIRE (a remarkable four times for such a dreary piece), BABY MY HEART (twice), DOOBY DOOBY WAH, ALL MY SORROWS, and even their own SATURDAY DANCE.

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