From: Shadsfax Issue 49 (2006) 6

The Shadows
"Platinum Collection"
EMI Music 0946 3 34938 2 7 [2CD + 1DVD]
Released August 2005

As far as programme goes, this set simply replicates the two audio CDs plus DVD making up the Dutch ‘Final Collection’ REVIEWED in Shadsfax Issue 48, pp. 6–7. The packaging though is a cut above. The sturdy box has a classy looking front cover using the familiar group silhouette in white with black and grey peripherals, the motif being picked up on the discs: both CDs leave the figures shiny silver with the background filled in in white, whereas the DVD has the figures in white with the surround left silver. An eight-page booklet sports a couple of high quality if thoroughly well-known group pics (Locking then Harris line-up); there are basic track listings but no liner notes, which one would have thought would be justified by the presence of the DVD alone.

Still, with some TV advertising, and radio promotion by Bruce Welch, the set did take off, and made the official (Top 75) UK album charts, hitting 30/ 58/ 44/ 61 between the weeks of Monday 22 August–12 September. Which only goes to show that there is life, and maybe even gold, in them thar Shadows yet.


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