From: Shadsfax Issue 39 (2003) 4

Cliff Richard CDs

Two new Cliff releases from EMI will be of interest to Shadsfaxers who like to keep up with material on CD involving Drifters/Shadows input.

The first of these, “Cliff 1950s” (7243 5 40061 2 8, August 2002), naturally features more of our heroes than the remainder of the series (1960s through to 1990s), though three of the tracks included predate the recruitment of Hank and Bruce (Schoolboy Crush, High Class Baby and, despite the labelling in the front insert, Don’t Bug Me Baby, the 1958 studio take). The remaining thirteen tracks are made up of four numbers from the live “Cliff” album, two from “Cliff Sings”, the EP track The Shrine On The Second Floor (actually released in January 1960, though the associated film was screened in 1959), and the singles sides Never Mind, Apron Strings, Dynamite, Mean Streak, Travellin’ Light and Livin’ Lovin’ Doll (in that order). The compiler was obviously determined to highlight the hard-edged Cliff, as none of the mellower numbers on “Cliff Sings” gets an airing here.

A second release is rather more imposing, and also very affordable: a 6 CD boxed set (7243 5 37551 2 6, August 2002) offering “all 127 solo singles” (hence both of the Cliff & Hank ventures are ruled out), so taking in all those Cliff + group chart entries extending to Don’t Forget To Catch Me from November 1968. The occasional charting B-side is included, but what would serve Shadows enthusiasts better is a collection of the relevant A-sides and B-sides, especially as some of the latter require remastering and one or two are still only to be found on illicit CDs.


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