From: Shadsfax Issue 38 (2002) 9–10

The Shadows
"Guitar Tango"
Disky (Pure Gold) GO 793402
Released May 2002

Theme From The Deer Hunter / South Of The Border / Fly Me To The Moon / Deep Purple / Guitar Tango / A Place In The Sun / Baker Street / Bright Eyes / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Albatross / Riders In The Sky (single version) / Something

“Why bother?” you are bound to wonder as you scan the above track-listing. Well, the point of course is that concerns like Disky must find it worthwhile to keep pumping out under different series cheapo random selections (and these are about as random as they come), to capture the completist market, and, more importantly, the casual “bargain” hunter. The fact is that, as the mass of EEC releases of music of every description over the past ten years or so demonstrates, there must be people out there ready to buy just about anything that is circular and shiny and makes a noise.

One departure for Disky is the incorporation of a Polydor track. If they can do it once thay can do it again, so we may see more hybrid concoctions from the company. This might just inject a bit of fresh air into their very stale-looking products, though there does seem to be a shortage in their part of the world of compilers with fertile imaginations.


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