From: Shadsfax Issue 34 (2001) 8–9

The Shadows
Magic Records (France) 3930088
Released August 2001

Jigsaw / Tennessee Waltz / Prelude in E Major / Cathy’s Clown / Stardust / Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James / Trains And Boats And Planes / Friday On My Mind / Winchester Cathedral / Waiting For Rosie / Chelsea Boot / Maria Elena / With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee / Green Eyes — Bonus tracks: Lady Penelope* / Zero X Theme / Thunderbirds Theme / My Way / (Medley) Finders Keepers: My Way: Paella: Fiesta / The Flyder And The Spy* / Autumn* / Introducing Maroc 7 / Maroc 7 / Bombay Duck / Tomorrow’s Cancelled / Somewhere

* = mono tracks

Magic is keeping the show on the road in fine style with this latest collection from the 60s. “Jigsaw” caused some surprise at the time of release (July 1967) by disregarding current trends and avoiding vocal material entirely. Nonetheless, it proved to be an exuberant and entertaining album, and, aided rather than hindered by instrumental interpretations of relatively recent high performers like Friday On My Mind and Winchester Cathedral, it found its way into the UK Top Ten.

Bernard Broche links to this set tracks stemming from contemporary or near-contemporary films and from “Cinderella” (but why are the two numbers from this in mono??), together with the UK single sides from the year 1967; the inclusion of the verbal intro to Maroc 7 will please those who missed out on the Australian “30 All Time Greatest Hits” from 1997.


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