From: Shadsfax Issue 33 (2001) 4–5

Cliff Richard & The Drifters / Shadows
"Dance With Cliff Richard"
Magic Records (France) 3930083 [2CD]
Released May 2001

CD1 Tracks 1–16 as for LP “Cliff”, see below / One Night* (live) / Move It!* (studio version) / Schoolboy Crush* / Mean Streak* / Steady With You*

CD2 Living Doll* / No Turning Back* / Mad About You* / Chinchilla* [The Drifters] / Travellin’ Light* / Never Mind* / Dynamite* / Livin’ Lovin’ Doll* / Love / A Voice In The Wilderness (EP version) / The Shrine On The Second Floor / Bongo Blues [The Shadows] / Fall In Love With You* / The Snake And The Bookworm / Don’t Be Mad At Me / Willie And The Hand Jive / Please Don’t Tease* / Nine Times Out Of Ten / Twenty Flight Rock / Thinking Of Our Love / A Voice In The Wilderness* (single version)

* = mono tracks

Magic Records this time links the 1959 LP “Cliff” (released in France under the title “Dance With Cliff Richard”) with the entire contents of half a dozen French EPs (illustrated in brilliant colour) of Cliff’s early work, with the addition of the live One Night from 1959, and an AV in the form of the single version of A Voice In The Wilderness (but no AVs for Dynamite, The Snake And The Bookworm or Willie And The Hand Jive). A number of the tracks are rare on (legitimate) CD; the “Rock ’n’ Roll Years” Box Set is the only previous CD source for One Night (here labelled “Unreleased”!), Steady With You and Thinking Of Our Love; “Cliff Richard At The Movies” for Mad About You and Love.

Bernard Broche offers some comments on the “Cliff” element, but none about the rest, which is a pity. Another very impressive release nevertheless, from a record company that actually thinks about what it is doing. More Cliff / Shads is in the pipeline for this year, and I for one am certainly looking forward to adding more gems to my collection.


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