From: Shadsfax Issue 33 (2001) 3–4

The Shadows
"Dance With The Shadows / Shadoogie"
Magic Records (France) 3930081
Released May 2001

Shadoogie / Blue Star / My Resistance Is Low / See You In My Drums / Find Me A Golden Street / Gonzales / Theme From A Filleted Place / Nivram / Sleepwalk / Bad Boy — Bonus tracks: That’s My Desire / Bongo Blues / Wonderful Land (mono) / Wonderful Land (true stereo) / Stars Fell On Stockton / The Savage / Peace Pipe / Shazam! (this and the following three live South Africa; mono) / Guitar Boogie / Sleepwalk / FBI / Witch Doctor (mono)

The rather inelegant title serves to differentiate this disc from the 1998 Magic “Dance With The Shadows”, which was based on the 1964 UK album of that name.

Tracks 1–10 correspond to those on the French 10" “Dance With The Shadows” released in 1961; it was derived from The Shadows’ first LP, with the omission of Stand Up And Say That and the three vocals. Of these one, That’s My Desire, is incorporated here.

The remaining programme draws on material from EPs pictured inside the Digipak, viz., “Expresso Bongo” (French cover), “The Savage / Wonderful Land” (it is good to see the mono version of the latter worked in here, together with The Savage’s variant Witch Doctor from “Abbey Road”), and last but not least “The Shadows At The Colosseum Johannesburg” (South Africa 1961). I learn from Bernard Broche that Magic used as masters for these four pieces the vinyl-sourced material on “The E.P. Collection Vol. 2”, but they have had noise suppression technology applied to them, with a digital transfer at 24 bit-resolution. And very good they sound too, capturing the raw excitement of what must have been a tremendous concert.

Another worthy release then from Magic, immaculately presented as usual. It might have been neater though to include as well the three absentees from “The Shadows” LP, even if they did appear on an earlier Magic collection (“Hurrah! For The Shadows” in 1998).


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