From: Shadsfax Issue 32 (2001) 3

The Shadows
"The Shadows Collection"
HMV (Easy Series) 7243 5 32794 2 4
Released April 2001

Apache / Man Of Mystery / FBI / The Frightened City / Kon-Tiki / The Savage / Wonderful Land [undubbed stereo version] / Guitar Tango / Dance On! / Foot Tapper [mono single version] / Atlantis / Shindig / Geronimo / Theme For Young Lovers [with mismastered initial double note] / The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / Genie With The Light Brown Lamp / Mary Anne / Stingray / Let Me Be The One / Donít Cry For Me Argentina / Theme From The Deer Hunter / Riders In The Sky [single version]

Not a lot here to interest the seasoned Shadows fan, who will no doubt have these twenty-two singles titles many times over, but this release from one of the biggest record-chains fulfils its function well enough. Itís a nice edition to an established budget series which brings much of the best EMI has to offer in the way of Ďestablishedí artists, The Shads now joining such luminaries of the instro world as Joe Loss and Bert Weedon.

Note the inclusion of the unadorned version of Wonderful Land again in the wake of its appearance on í50 Golden Greatsí. Letís hope this doesnít become a habit: itís no more appropriate here than it was there.


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