From: Shadsfax Issue 31 (2001) 3–4

The Shadows
"Golden Greats"
Toshiba–EMI (Japan) TOCP–65649–50 [2CD]
Released late 2000

At first glance “Golden Greats” appears to reflect the high standards of presentation we have come to expect with Shadows CD releases from this part of the world. Closer inspection however reveals some examples of out-and-out corner-cutting. Tacked on to the UK “Fifty Golden Greats” (reviewed in Shadsfax Issue 28, pp. 9–10) are the home favourites Spring Is Nearly Here / The High And The Mighty (Disc 1) and Bombay Duck (Disc 2). Despite these appendages, the disc labels carry the title “50 Golden Greats” — they are near identical to those of the UK parent issue! Again, the colour and b/w photographs of the group, though eye-catching, have nearly all been used before on Japanese CDs: have a look at “Best Now” (1991; front cover), “Live In Japan” / “Pops In Japan” (1991 again; back cover), and especially “The Best Of The Shadows” (1990; booklet pp. 8–9, 14, 16). The Japanese track-notes also draw liberally on ready-made material. Toshiba-EMI could have turned this into a really distinctive issue by scrapping the Polydor items and working in half a dozen of the Japan-releated tracks. A missed opportunity, I reckon.


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