From: Shadsfax Issue 30 (2001) 4

The Shadows
"The Deerhunter"
Rotation / Universal Music (Holland) RBR 137–2
Released 2000

Let Me Be The One / Theme From The Deer Hunter / Peace Pipe / Mary Anne / Atlantis / The Breeze And I / Perfidia / 1861 / Wonderful Land [true stereo] / Faithful* / Marmaduke* / Lady Of The Morning* / Music Makes My Day** / You Never Can Tell** / Lonesome Mole* / Black Eyes* / Silvery Rain* / Please Mr Please***

* Marvin, Welch & Farrar
** Marvin & Farrar
*** Bruce Welch

As far as programme goes, this CD is a replica of the 1991 “The Shadows Hits (The Shadows And Friends)” from BR Music, Holland (BR 137–2). The two pages of text by Skip Voogd on the group’s career have been dropped, leaving just sketchy (and inaccurate) basic annotation. On the other hand, the new front cover is a definite improvement, sporting as it does the striking pic of the Rostill line-up used on the 1967 Japanese long-player “The Shadows Deluxe”. The same can hardly be said of the revised title, particularly as the CD is only 50% pure Shadows anyway; presumably it reflects the popularity of Deer Hunter in that part of the world at the time of release.

Though hardly in the essential category, an attractive CD nonetheless, especially for those who missed Mark One.


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