From: Shadsfax Issue 26 (2000) 11

The Shadows
"Out Of The Shadows"
Magic Records (France) 5244212
Released December 1999

The Rumble / Cosy / 1861 / Little ‘B’ / Perfidia / Spring Is Nearly Here / Tales Of A Raggy Tramline / Some Are Lonely / Guitar Tango Bonus tracks: The Bandit / Bo Diddley / Are They All Like You / What A Lovely Tune / The Girls / Theme From The Boys / Foot Tapper (EP version) / Les Girls / ; and AVs of: Some Are Lonely / All Day / Perfidia / Little ‘B’

This is the fifth issue in the highly collectable Magic series. As Bernard Broche explains in the sleeve-notes, the basis for this release is the nine-track French 10-inch “Out Of The Shadows”, which was put out in both mono and stereo way back in October 1962. The disc kicks off with nine stereo takes, but the familiar version of Some Are Lonely replaces the “French” version on the original; this is provided later, but in mono only, as track 18. To these are added from the mono 10-inch the alternative versions of Perfidia and Little ‘B’. Another unusual inclusion is the none too polished “Japanese” version of All Day, dubbed by the look of it from the ‘Atlantis’ or ‘Dakota’ CD from Fremus (Italy 1994). Tracks 10–12 appeared of course on the UK ‘Out Of The Shadows’. Also pictured as sources for this disc are the EPs ‘Little B’, Guitar Tango’, ‘The Boys’ and ‘Summer Holiday’. The 1963 issues ‘Atlantis / Foot Tapper’ and ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’ could have been mentioned as well (so-called ‘film’ version of Foot Tapper + Spring Is Nearly Here and Bo Diddley + Are They All Like You respectively).

The odd one out in all this is What A Lovely Tune, suggested presumably by the presence of Guitar Tango; this was not released in France until 1974 (on the continental version of the LP ‘Mustang’, MfP). It is provided in mock stereo (as on ‘The Early Years’), not in true stereo (as on ‘The Shadows At Abbey Road’).


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