(Jerry Leiber/ Mike Stoller)

Another of the unique tracks never recorded by Cliff and The Shadows in any other studio. The version is of fairly good quality, with high volume output and minimal distortion in sound although the bass is a little too strong. The song has a solid driving rhythm accentuated by the high bass levels of Jet's guitar.

Cliff performed Kansas City on his second 'Saturday Spectacular' television special for the ATV network on Saturday 21 May 1960. As a tribute to this Luxembourg radio series which they were recording at the time, they incorporated a short verse of the Me And My Shadows opening theme song before launching into their set of five songs in the final part of the show.

The five songs performed in the TV show were also recorded for Luxembourg at around the same time. After returning from the commercial break for the 15 minute final third section of the show Cliff and The Shadows delivered a brief burst of Me And My Shadows then launched into Kansas City, Willie And The Hand Jive, A Teenager's Romance, Fall In Love With You (Cliff's new single), and closed with Mean Woman Blues.

Earlier in the show they had performed Twenty Flight Rock too. Fortunately this show still survives as a 16mm telerecording in the archives of Carlton International who own the copyright. One song from the set, Fall In Love With You, was released on the Hit List video compilation back in 1993.

The quality of the Luxembourg recording made from radio in late summer 1960 is fairly good and loud, although some radio interference spoils the broadcast.

MC: Introduced by Cliff as "a number we once featured on TV". Raunchy soloing from Hank: he comes in early on, and carries the whole thing along nicely thereafter, with authoritative bass underpinning from Jet.

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