Bruce Welch telephoned RB to express his reactions:

Bruce Welch comments on the book

Congratulations to all three of you. A first-class effort. Very professionally written and produced. It looks good and not like something that's been done on the cheap. I've only dipped it into it so far. Fascinating! Fascinating! I shall read it with great interest - and the quality of what I've read so far is excellent. So many things that I didn't know. Or, maybe a lot of things that I used to know but I'd forgotten. Or maybe a mixture of both. I may well buy a few of these myself!! Great job. Well done and please pass on my thanks to Malcolm and Les ...

This from Colin Pryce-Jones of The Rapiers:

It is absolutely superb. I knew that it would be first-rate with you three behind it - but it's exceeded even my expectations. It looks wonderful - easily as good as any similar book from a commercial firm. So much information. So many facts - I love it. The fans will love it. The Shads will love it too, I'm sure of that. The quality of the writing is amazing and the sheer volume of information is mind-boggling. But not only is it very clever - it's written in a non-condescending style that's easy to read and digest. The amount of research that you've all done is simply staggering... I feel really proud to be associated with such a brilliant book. It really is the definitive work on the subject. You can tell that it's written with love and affection too. And the Introduction - setting the record straight with regard to pop music in general, and The Shadows in particular, pre-Beatlemania, is masterly - and it needed saying. So, my thanks to all three of you. I'm going to enjoy many happy hours of reading ... God bless you all.

Here are some of the e-mail messages sent unprompted to MC:

Just received (from Amazon) a copy of the Pocket Guide To Shadow Music. What a brilliant, well put together, fantastically informative book it is !! Congratulations !! A great piece of work.

It really looks good and I look forward to spending many enjoyable hours reading it from cover to cover. I fully endorse Colin Pryce-Jones’ comment, on browsing through I have already found myself thinking 'I didn't know that'!

It's great - you must be very proud! It's dimensions triggered a memory of all of those wonderful Observers Book Of.....

It is a treasure. I have read about 100 pages so far and I'm finding things I did not know on almost every page... And congratulations on such a professional presentation. I am really looking forward to reading the rest. I can't put it down.

... yet again a fantastic book, very good reading...

It's a great book and a superb companion to go with your others. I haven't put it down since it arrived. Well done.

... what a superb guide this is. You, Rob and Les (plus other contributors) have created yet another masterpiece of encyclopaedic data on The Shadows! It really is an outstanding piece of research; the fact that you all are “almost in total agreement” is a reflection on the extent of knowledge that you have collectively mastered over the considerable years of dedication to this field and your thirst for knowledge. I doubt that any other artistes have such a collection of support and dedicated following - it is really truly remarkable for close on 50 years since they appeared on the musical scene!

... from what I have seen so far it's another well documented publication which is an absolute must have for every Shadows fan. Have to say I think the size of the book is 'cute'!: a real pocket size...

Thank you very much for the book which has been in my hands for a couple of days now. I have to tell you that I have been unable to leave it alone, and I am just amazed at the depth of commentary and detail around every track. This almost has to be the ultimate "who-dun-it" !! I suspect that very little has escaped your collective attentions.

And finally: how about this for dedication!

It's superb - just what fans have been waiting for! Please pass my compliments on to Rob and Les. I've been dipping into it since it arrived yesterday and look forward to reading it properly shortly... I presume that if I'm able to offer any … thoughts you would be interested for the second edition ...

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