The Sound Of The Shadows (1965) offers, in addition to another Everly Brothers’ number, LET IT BE ME (UK No. 13/ USA No. 7 in 19601), Burl Ives’ A LITTLE BITTY TEAR (UK/USA No. 9 in 1962; Miki & Griff UK No. 16) and DEEP PURPLE from Nino Tempo & April Stevens (UK No. 17/ USA No. 1 in 1963).

Shadow Music (1966) is virtually cover-free: the inclusion of FLY ME TO THE MOON may have owed something to acquaintance with Joe Harnell’s distinctive ‘Fly Me To The Moon - Bossa Nova’ of 1963 (USA No. 14).

We now come to Jigsaw (1967), highlighted at the outset of this survey. The Everly Brothers are represented yet again, with the superlative CATHY’S CLOWN (UK/ USA No. 1 in 1960); but this is only the first of a number of 60’s hits featured here. The oldie TENNESSEE WALTZ was taken to No. 35 in the USA by Sam Cooke in 1964; STARDUST to No. 32 in the USA by Nino Tempo & April Stevens that same year; MARIA ELENA to No. 6 in the USA (No. 5 in the UK) by Los Indios Tabajaras in 1963. Even more recent hits were:

  • From 1965: TRAINS AND BOATS AND PLANES: Burt Bacharach & Orchestra (No. 4) and Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas (No. 12).
  • From 1966: SEMI-DETACHED SUBURBAN MR JAMES: Manfred Mann (No. 2); FRIDAY ON MY MIND The Easybeats (No. 6/ USA No. 16 in 1967); WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL The New Vaudeville Band (No. 4/ No. 1 USA).

    From Hank, Bruce, Brian & John (1967 again) maintained this trend:

  • From 1966: HOLY COW Lee Dorsey (No. 6/ USA No. 23)
  • From 1967: SAN FRANCISCO Scott McKenzie (No. 1/ USA No. 4); THE LETTER The Box Tops (No. 5/ USA No. 1); LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE The Monkees (No. 23/ USA No. 1 in 1966); THE DAY I MET MARIE Cliff Richard (No. 10).

    1 But a more recent hit in the USA (No. 5 in 1964) stemmed from Betty Everett & Jerry Butler.

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