This page displays some extracts from The Shadows At Polydor - The 1980s And Beyond.

The first extract reviews the various Polydor compilations from overseas; the second is the entire entry (bar the cover pic!) for the CD Shadstrax; the third and fourth set out a part of the extended analysis devoted to all the primary Albums of the period, in this case Hits Right Up Your Street and Simply ... Shadows respectively; the fifth contains a brief snatch of the data on EMI covers accumulated in the Appendix.

You may find a number of the conventions employed in the pages diplayed here unfamiliar: these are all fully explained in a section "Ingredients and Layout" which preface the Surveys. It is maybe worth emphasising that economical methods of reference/ cross-reference are essential if a worthwhile amount of information is to be packed into a manageable amount of pages.

Four specimen photographs are reproduced here from the 50+ in the book picturing the group on stage over the Polydor decade, taken by the best Shads photographers in the business, John Hank Humphrey and David Hawley. Also to be found in the book are close on 150 images of Shads CD covers etc., together with all the pic sleeves for the 1980s Singles of the various artists covered by the group between 1980 and 1990.

Note: the extracts are presented in html, because they are displayed through a web interface, and so the formatting here differs slightly from that in the original book.

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