The Shadows At Polydor serves as a companion volume to its immediate predecessor The Shadows At EMI, the two books between them thus charting the recording career of the group until their final disbandment. It focuses on the material recorded for Polydor by The Shadows, both on vinyl and on the medium marked out from the beginning to replace vinyl, compact disc. Taken in order of release, the 90+ issues, spanning the years 1980 to 2002, are documented in depth, with particular emphasis on the makeup and quality of the principal Albums.

In addition, the volume incorporates 200 b/w illustrations, including over 50 on-stage shots of the group in the Polydor era from highly respected Shads photographers John Hank Humphrey and David Hawley; there are also cover pics of a wealth of CD and vinyl product, together with a complete set of picture sleeves of the numerous 1980ís Singles covered by the group.

As well as a variety of other topics covered in the book, there are three main categories: Review of Vinyl & CD Releases, Annual Surveys 1980-2002, and Album Reviews.

I - Review of Vinyl & CD Releases

- Review of Vinyl & CD Releases Worldwide
Facts and figures relating to both Singles and Albums, with close monitoring of the infiltration of CD into the vinyl market; analysis of the material drawn upon for compilation Albums.
- The Shadows "Uncovered"
An extended discussion of the notorious "cover versions" to which The Shadows devoted so much of their studio time in the 1980s, with close analysis of the constituent elements of the various Albums which carried such material.
- Shadows Personnel
Who played on what in recordings of the Polydor period.
- Arrangement and Production
Group members were active here, but there were a few exceptions.
- UK Labels and Pic Sleeves
A few words on a topic that calls for specialist attention.

II - Annual Surveys 1980-2002

There are a number of categories presented in these entries, but the chief ones are these:
- Locations for every Shadows Polydor number the world over, whether on Vinyl Single/ 12-inch/ LP or CD/ CD Single (a solitary DVD is also included); distribution worldwide of shared releases, with notes on overseas variations
- Scrutiny of all Album compilations whether stemming from the UK or from overseas, with analysis of contents
- UK chart performance where apposite
- Stage performances of Polydor numbers
- Background info on the cover versions: original Singles and a suggested CD source for most

III - Album Reviews

Maximum importance is attached to analysis of the primary Albums, the chief medium for Shadows Polydor product; the various categories of music (group originals, chart-based covers, covers of other types) are discussed under distinct headings and each Album is given an overall assessment.

Some other topics

A blow-by-blow account of EMI cover versions, whether certain, possible or implausible! There is additionally a full index of all tracks released during the Polydor period.

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