This page displays some extracts from The Shadows At EMI - The Vinyl Legacy.

The first Extract is taken from the survey of LPs (it is preceded by sections devoted to Singles and EPs, from both The Shadows and Cliff & The Shadows). The idea here is not to accumulate facts and figures for the sake of it: it is to provide a detailed but not overlengthy overview of the format under scrutiny. The second and third Extracts are both drawn from among the 192 primary (UK) releases to be found in the Annual Surveys (1959 through to 1980) which occupy the bulk of the book. In both cases a Shadows and a Cliff & Shadows number are represented. The 'Jigsaw' Extract gives an example of the full documentation of a primary Shadows Album. The final extract provides a specimen of one of the three comprehensive discographies which are drawn upon extensively in the main body of this book.

You may find a number of the conventions employed in the pages diplayed here unfamiliar: these are all fully explained in a section "Ingredients and Layout" which preface the Surveys. It is maybe worth emphasising that economical methods of reference/ cross-reference are essential if a worthwhile amount of information is to be packed into a manageable amount of pages.

Note: the extracts are presented in html, because they are displayed through a web interface, and so the formatting here differs slightly from that in the original book.

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