The Shadows At EMI serves as a companion volume to A Guide To The Shadows And Hank Marvin On CD. It focuses on the material recorded for EMI by The Shadows, both in their own right and in conjunction with Cliff Richard. Taken in order of release, the 190+ UK issues, spanning the years 1959 to 1980, are documented in depth and related to the musical climate of the day. As well as a variety of other topics covered in the book, there are three main categories: Review Of UK Releases, Annual Surveys 1959-1980, and Reference Discographies.

I - Review Of UK Releases

Facts and figures relating to The Shadows/ Cliff & The Shadows Singles, EPs and LPs; there is close and detailed analysis of record content, UK chart penetration and overseas distribution of the primary releases. There is also a section plotting the UK Number Ones and Number Twos attained by The Shadows and Cliff + The Shadows, specifying number of weeks achieved and indicating the immediate chart competition.

II - Annual Surveys 1959-1980

The main categories are:
- Locations on vinyl worldwide for every Shadows number, whether on Single, EP or LP
- Review of overseas Album compilations year by year, with comments on unusual tracks or "firsts"
- UK chart performance, with a sketch of chart progress and chart contenders of the day
- A selection of recommended CDs for all Shadows/ Cliff & Shadows numbers, including the 72 alternative versions.

III - Reference Discographies

Comprehensive alphabetical listings of Singles, EPs and LPs issued worldwide from the late 50s to the early 90s. These Discographies form the essential basis for specifying in the main body of the book what tracks appeared where over the course of the "Vinyl Years".

Some other topics

- Album Compilations Worldwide: The Top Twenty Titles - everything from APACHE to PERFIDIA
- The UK Instro Boom on EP - a schematic representation of The Shadows’ domination of the UK market
- The French EP and Singles Market, 1960-1966 - the all-important French EP releases in relation to the less influential French Singles market
There is also a full index of all tracks released during the EMI period, and also a separate index for the alternative versions.

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