A Guide To The Shadows And Hank Marvin On CD offers a comprehensive review of all major Shadows and Hank Marvin CDs issued worldwide between September 1984 and February 1999. As well as a variety of other topics covered in the book, there are three main categories: Reference Discographies, CD Catalogues, and Track Listings.

I - Reference Discographies

Reference Discographies for The Shadows, Hank Marvin, Marvin (Welch) & Farrar, with details of alternative versions and earliest Stereo releases. They are termed "Reference" for the reason that all known (legitimate) releases are classified systematically (for the first time, I believe) by means of a relatively simple notation, and these classifications are used as a basis for the extensive material dealt with in the book overall.

II - CD Catalogues

CD Catalogues with info for 194 different issues (including promos, special products and club editions) on running-order, timings, inlays/booklets, picture-discs, remastering. CDs can vary enormously in terms of artwork, annotation and general presentation. The second of these Catalogues sets out to describe each issue in some detail, while the first Catalogue indicates what CDs were issued by EMI/ affiliates and Polydor/ affiliates in what year.

III - Track Listings

Track Listings record 3694 entries giving locations for all 795 Shadows/ Hank Marvin titles issued on CD, with info on composer(s), first UK release date, first UK & overseas CD release, alternative versions. I know that many readers of this book have used these listings as a basis for building up a collection of Shadows and Shadows-related tracks. That of course was one of the primary aims in putting them together, though other aspects are covered as well.

Some other topics

These topics naturally suggested themselves as the book developed. Again, points of reference are essential in order to make sense of a substantial corpus of recorded work, and the sections on Alternative Versions and Mono Issues supplement the basic Reference Discographies mentioned above.

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